Everything you need to know about leggings

Everything you need to know about leggings

When it comes to clothes, what you wear when you work everyday can matter from many points of view. If the wrong choice of an everyday outfit can hinder you at some point, wearing your training clothes incorrectly can affect your performance and even lead to accidents. To choose the right workout tights, you need to pay attention to the size and functionality, as well as identifying the right style for the activities you plan to do.

1. Find the right style!

Look for compression tights for intense activities. Compression fabrics are tightly woven to help increase foot movement. Choosing an intense workout, such as running or kickboxing, can help you reduce your pain as a result of your workout.
Compression tights tend to be more expensive so if you do not want to focus on high intensity activities you may not need them.
However, tights have an additional benefit, namely to make your feet appear stretched, and your muscles more defined. If money is not a problem, you may prefer it for this reason alone.

Buy the right yoga tights. In this case, the compression model is not absolutely necessary, nor is it possible to be uncomfortable at workouts. However, it is advisable to choose a model that does not bother to practice the exercises.
While yoga tights should fit you, they should not be extremely muffled or restrictive. Choose a breathable material and an elastic waistband that allows you to breathe deeply.

2. Identify your needs!

What time of day do you want to train? If you opt for a morning workout or prefer evening hours, choosing the right material, as well as the weight of the gym tights can influence your well-being during the exercises.
Choosing the color of the tights is also very important and you have to consider several factors: the type of workout, the period of the day you do it or the season. We do not advise you to choose dark colors, if you choose an outdoor workout, at noon, when the sun can be very strong.
Lightweight materials that allow the skin to breathe during exercise are recommended for a humid climate. However, if you are in an area with a cold climate throughout the year and still choose to jog or exercise outdoors, we advise you to choose a thicker material, which will keep the moisture away.

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